Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Look at Law Firms (Part II)

Let's take a look at law firms nos. 11-20 on the Business Journal's Book of Lists:

11. Gallop Johnson & Neuman (Clayton)
12. Sandberg Phoenix & Von Gontard (One City Centre)
13. SimmonsCooper LLC (East Alton)
14. Evans & Dixon (Millenium Center)
15. Senniger Powers (Met Square)
16. Blumenfeld Sandweiss & Kaplan (Clayton)
17. Lashley & Baer (714 Locust)
18. Sonnenchein Nath & Rosenthal (Met Square)
19. The Stolar Partnership (Lammert Building)
20. Rabbitt Pitzer & Snodgrass (Deloitte Building)

The seven downtown firms on this list give downtown 15 of the top 20. Not bad.

Stinson Morrison & Hecker, #29 on the list and located in the Deloitte Building, recently acquired Blumenfeld Sandweiss & Kaplan. The combined firm will have approximately 60 attorneys. The firm's attorneys will continue working at their present locations as Stinson looks for a space large enough to accomodate all 60 attorneys. Let's hope that space is somewhere downtown.

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