Wednesday, September 05, 2007

An Odd Little Office Building

Just north of the Peabody Building, but also located within the Mansion House complex, is this quirky little 18,500 square foot office building, 335 North Fourth Street:

While fairly nondescript when viewed from the perspective of the photo above, the building's eastern elevation (which faces Memorial Drive) is much more impressive - a three-story wall of glass facing the Arch grounds. Its setting is a reflection of 1960s-era urban planning principles, with the building built into the side of the Mansion House parking garage and separated from the rest of the complex by a small courtyard (basically a grassy area atop the roof of the garage).

It's rather hard to get to as well. Sitting one story above street level, the building's main entrance is accessible only by traversing one of two sets of stairs - one on Memorial, the other on Fourth Street.

It's interesting how on its eastern side, the building's design embraces its view of the Arch, unlike many of the buildings fronting Memorial Drive (the Adam's Mark, Gateway Tower, etc.), but its western side could not be any more cut off from the rest of downtown.

I'm sure that this building's odd location poses many issues in terms of leasability, but for the right tenant, the spectacular Arch views might be enough to overcome its deficiencies.

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