Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Laclede's Landing Not Languishing

Laclede's Landing seems to have been left out of the recent discussions of downtown's renaissance. While The Landing has largely fallen out of favor as an entertainment destination in the minds of many St. Louisans, it has been a surprisingly resilient submarket for office space. And with Pinnacle making a huge investment in the area in the form of the Lumiere Place casino, Four Seasons Hotel and eventually condominiums, perhaps the exposure will bring The Landing renewed interest and new development in the future.

The Landing is a great spot for small businesses and startups due to its affordable lease rates, and its architecturally significant buildings with cool loft-style office spaces are a nice alternative for tenants looking for something more than just a traditional office suite.
The Bi-State Development Agency has been a longtime fixture of Laclede's Landing, occupying all of the office space in the Christian Peper Building at 707 N. 1st Street, and creative firms like Fuse Advertising, Kicking Cow Promotions and Habanero all call The Landing their home.
Recent leases include Pinnacle Entertainment and Full Circle Solutions in the Raeder Place Building. A quick review of office vacancies on Laclede's Landing yielded the following results:
  • Raeder Place - 727 N. 1st Street - 2,650 sf at $16.50
  • Cherrick Building - 800-804 N. 1st Street - 15,000 sf at $15-19
  • Cutlery Building - 612 N. 2nd Street - 4th and 5th floors, 8,000 sf apiece, $15
  • Witte Building - 707 N. 2nd Street - 3,300 sf at $8, 1,250 sf at $13 and 2,457 sf at $13
  • Feather Building - 807-809 N. 2nd Street - 6,000 sf at $12
  • Old Judge Building - 708 N. 2nd Street - 600 sf at $12, 1,610 sf at $12
  • Cast Iron Building - 712-714 N. 2nd Street - 1,800 and 5,500 square foot suites at $12 -
  • Traders Building - 801-805 N. 2nd Street - no space available
  • Greeley Building - 618-624 N. 2nd Street - no space available
  • First Street Ironworks - 716-720 N. 1st Street - no space available
  • Hoffman Brothers Produce Building - 700 N. 2nd Street - no space available
  • Levee House - 6800 N. 3rd Street - no space available

The gorgeous Cast Iron Building


Chris said...

I'd love to find out where you heard about the 3300 sft Witte space or who to contact about it.

Brian said...

I learned of that vacancy through the Downtown St. Louis Partnership - the info may have been outdated. I found a property flyer for the Witte Building which advertises only the 1,250 sf space on the 4th floor - here's a link with contact information. You'll want to call one of the leasing agents to get the most up-to-date info: