Friday, October 26, 2007

Panera Mulling its Options

Panera Bread Co., with offices in Richmond Heights and Brentwood is looking to consolidate its offices into a single location by 2010. St. Louis appears to be the front-runner, but Boston - where Panera's executive team is located - is in the race as well.

Panera is looking for roughly 80,000 square feet and has "looked at everything from downtown out to the airport, to I-270 and 40, including Illinois," according to Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey Kip.

It would certainly be great to have Panera downtown, but keeping the company's headquarters in the St. Louis region is the most important issue here.

Update 10/30: Panera has publicly stated that its headquarters will remain in St. Louis! Now, let's just convince them to move downtown.!

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