Thursday, January 03, 2008

Downtown Demo

The city's Preservation Board will be granting approval to demolish this small, but handsome, building at 2217 Olive at its meeting next Tuesday. The owners wish to use the land as a parking lot for an adjacent business. The Board initially denied the demolition application but will be granting approval of the building's owners, stating, "the building has suffered catastrophic parapet and roof failure on the western side and is an imminent danger to public safety."

While the building may seem small and insignificant, it is located in an area that has seen a remarkable amount of rehab activity in recent years. Its relatively small size makes it a good candidate for renovation, and the small vacant lot to its east would be ideal for a small-scale, complementary infill project. Instead, more of the historic fabric of this little section of downtown will be destroyed in favor of more parking spaces, which are already abundant in this area.

Additional building information and commentary from Ecology of Absence: Link

The Preservation Board's recommendation: Link

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zink said...

Jez... Dont St. Louisans know how to walk? My dad takes an hour bus ride to NYC, then walks 9 blocks from the Port Authority to his building. The only time he ever complains... is the traffic.

These people drive 15-20 mins then want to make sure they dont have to walk more than a half block.

I hope I never become like them.