Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Official: Schnucks to Open Downtown Store

Schnucks announced today (finally) that it will be opening a store downtown - downtown's second grocery store, along with City Grocers - in the first floor of the parking garage at 9th and Olive in Old Post Office Square. According to the press release:

The planned 20,800-square-foot urban concept store, a first for Schnucks, will be smaller than the chain's typical stores, which are about 55,000 square feet. The store will feature all of the services of a traditional store, including a pharmacy, floral department, bakery and meat department. The store also will feature a Kaldi's Coffee bar, and a 6,303-square-foot mezzanine with a wine department, tapas bar and seating space

City Grocers has cancelled its plans to expand in the Syndicate Trust building, adjacent to the site of the new Schnucks. Will they be able to compete with Schnucks not even a block away, or would they be better off moving to a new location, perhaps in the western portion of downtown? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The good news is that when people ask downtown residents where they do their grocery shopping (a common question), they can point to the new Schnucks store. Downtown is running out of reasons to not live or work there.

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