Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Retail at Lumiere Place

Four new boutique shops have opened at the Lumiere Place casino complex on Laclede's Landing:

MensRoom, which will sell upscale brands like Lacoste, Tommy Bahama, DKNY jeans and Cutter & Buck.

Blush, which will sell women's apparel offering collections from fashion designers Steve Madden and Kensie, plus Lucky Brand Jeans, Jessica Simpson shoes and Rioni handbags.

L'ove, a lingerie boutique.

ETC, a the 24-hour stop for cameras, candy, newspapers, toiletries and Lumière Place logo merchandise.

While casinos are designed to be self-contained, with amenities catering largely to casino patrons, it's still nice to have some upscale shopping options in downtown St. Louis...until the Merchandise Exchange opens up, that is.


Matt Fernandez said...

That would be the Mercantile Exchange

Brian said...

Brain fart. :)