Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Centene and Ballpark Village: A No-Go

The Business Journal is reporting that Centene is pulling out of Ballpark Village:

"Ballpark Village was unable to accommodate Centene's plans for our world headquarters which we deeply regret and are disappointed to announce," Centene said in a statement. "Since our announcement in September 2007, we have been working closely with representatives of Ballpark Village to finalize details for this project. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, we could not bring our plans to fruition."
The Cardinals' owners, Cordish and the City really dropped the ball on this one. This could have been a milestone achievement for downtown St. Louis, but instead we're left with giant hole in the ground and plans for an "entertainment district" that will likely not ever resemble the grandiose bill of goods we were originally sold by the the Cardinals' ownership team. Way to go. I'm sure that another opportunity to lure a Fortune 500 headquarters to downtown St. Louis will be coming along any day now.

Let's hope that Centene will at least remain in the St. Louis area.

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Anonymous said...

I have been away from St. Louis for sometime now
Has anything happened with the Kiel Opera House? Was that not to be redone along with the Kiel center as part of the redo deal?