Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Truman Building

One of downtown's more interesting buildings, 916 Olive, remains vacant despite the widespread development that has taken place around it in Old Post Office Square.

This four-story, 27,510 sf building, best known for sporting the visage of Harry Truman in neon, is listed for sale for $1,250,000. It is owned by Jack and Pearl Randall, who also own the Gill Building.

Stephen F. Bahn Realty is the listing agent - (314) 849-5858


Anonymous said...

This building was purchased on March 11th, by a physician. The intent for the ground floor (west half) is to become Downtown's first Urgent Care, and thus complement the impending arrival of Schnucks (100 feet away) and its pharmacy. The Urgent Care will depend on public and private funding, for build-out and start-up.

The east half of the ground floor is a rare 900sf boutique space, that might become a book-store, UPS-store, Gucci purse and shoe shop, Mom/Pop coffee shop, small bar, whatever! Who knows?

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors are uniquely designed offices, except for one that looks like a ballroom/yoga/gym class venue! The roof might become a bar when the weather is warm. The basement is big enough to become an eclectic club, serving the younger Downtown population.

The building's facade is rumored to be re-coated to match the Syndicate, across the street.

That's the word on the street anyway.

Oh yeah, a Cardinal Realty sign just went up in the window on 3/17, so they probably know even more!

Brian said...

Great stuff - thanks for the info! The urgent care facility will be a great addition to the neighborhood.