Monday, March 03, 2008

What an Opportunity!

Next to playing for the Cardinals, the second most popular "dream job" among the children of St. Louis has to be owner of a wax museum. Well, if you've ever wanted to be the next Madame Toussaud, now's your chance!

720 N. 2nd Street on Laclede's Landing is listed for sale at $1,475,000, and that price includes over 100 wax figurines. (Is that really a selling point?)

This three-story, 7,920 sf building was constructed in 1890 and is situated right in the heart of the Landing. It would make for a nice mixed-use project with ground floor retail and residential or office lofts on the upper floors. Bryan Larson and John Shepley of Hilliker are the listing agents - (314) 781-0081.

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Chris said...

I'll never forget the chamber of horrors in the basement.