Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Could CVS Fill a Void Downtown?

CVS has decided to expand into the St. Louis area. My question to them is: What the heck took you so long?

Walgreens has been operating in St. Louis for decades without the presence of national competitors like CVS, Rite Aid, Eckerd, Osco, etc. They’re firmly entrenched here and have staked out prime locations all over the area.

There is, however, one prominent part of the St. Louis area in which Walgreens has ZERO presence: DOWNTOWN!

After closing its stores in the Century Building and St. Louis Centre, there are no longer any Walgreens stores downtown. CVS could get the jump on Walgreens by swooping in and opening a store somewhere within the CBD. While the new Schnuck’s store near Old Post Office Square will feature a pharmacy, CVS could still easily win over a sizeable share of the downtown market with ease. Travelers staying in downtown hotels are especially much more likely to visit CVS – a name they’re likely familiar with – over Schnuck’s.

Come on, CVS – it’s time to sign a lease downtown! The former Woolworth's space at Broadway and Locust would be a good spot, among others.


Anonymous said...

Did you email them!? :)

Brian said...

As a matter of fact, yes I did!


Chris said...

Have you ever shopped at a CVS? I did for four years in DC, and they were horrible. Be careful what you ask for.

Brian said...

I have, and they're not as good as Walgreen's, IMO. I would prefer a Walgreen's, but they don't appear to be showing any interest in downtown...maybe I'll e-mail them too!

Even with the new Schnuck's (opening in spring 09, according to their sign), a CVS or Walgreen's would fill a need downtown.