Monday, August 18, 2008

Is exposed brick becoming cliché?

The building pictured above is the modern TWA building in Kansas City, which was renovated by design firm el dorado inc., and the results are fantastic. 
(Here's the story behind the renovation)

Not to knock our outstanding historic building stock, but I’m a little surprised that creative businesses like architecture firms, ad agencies, graphic design firms and have largely ignored St. Louis’ modern architecture when choosing an office location. Maybe that's because downtown really doesn't have all that much modern architecture, but still...

Seeing this building reminded me that we have our own modern jewel here in downtown St. Louis just waiting for the right tenant, 505 Washington.  18,800 sf available on the first floor for $16.00 psf, 19,000 sf on each of the upper two floors at just $12.00 psf. Might be a nice alternative for a creative firm that's looking for something besides the exposed brick loft look.

More information on this nifty little building can be found HERE


Vanishing STL said...

It would be good to convert the first floor of this building to retail and bring the windows down to the sidewalk. Having office use on the first floor street frontages like what occurs in many of the 80's era buildings including Steifel across the street adds nothing to the vibrancy of Downtown. Most of downtown Clayton is that way, and that is one of the many reasons it is so terribly boring.

Brian said...

I agree completely. It could probably also use a separate entrance just for the ground floor so that you wouldn't have to walk into the building lobby to access the retail space (and I believe the first floor is being marketed as retail space).

With regards to One Financial Plaza, Stifel has the ground floor space at the northeast corner of the building. I think that's always been office space.

Jacobs Engineering has the space at the northwest corner and along the western side of the building. That space actually has several doors to the outside, which leads me to think that it may have once been intended for use as retail space facing St. Louis Centre. I guess it could always revert to retail someday fairly easily.