Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Downtown Ramblings

Observations from a walk around downtown St. Louis yesterday...

The Bogen now has bright red awnings above its entrances, and they look great. Now, if someone would just lease the empty retail space at Washington and Tucker, we’d really be in business.

I noticed workers coming in and out of the back door of the burned-out remains of Copia. Have the rebuilding efforts begun?

Windows have been removed from the four-story building just west of the St. Louis Design Center on Locust. While I hope it means that the building is going to be renovated, my fear is that the Roberts Brothers are actually prepping it for demolition, along with the former Fatted Calf restaurant adjacent to it. Rumor has it both buildings will be coming down, to be replaced by a driveway and lobby for a new hotel in the St. Louis Design Center. A big mistake, in my opinion.

Looks like the new owners of 1015 Locust have begun to make improvements to the building – the lobby has been completely gutted. I can’t wait until the exterior is renovated.

BSI Construction has moved out of its temporary office in the first floor space at the Farm & Home Savings Building (soon to be The 411), presumably so that renovation work can begin.

I can’t tell what’s more embarrassing: St. Louis Centre when it was open, or St. Louis Centre now that it’s closed. Man, I wish that thing was never built.

Construction at Old Post Office Plaza seems to be moving along at a decent clip. I kind of thought it would be close to being done by now though. Construction on the Roberts Tower is progressing as well. I look forward to finally seeing the framework of the building emerge from the hole in the ground someday.

City Smiles, the new general and cosmetic dentistry office in the former Blend space in the 1100 block of Locust, is almost ready to go – the space looks great.

The formerly lush plantings outside of the sales office at The Laurel are just about dead. I hope this is the result of simple forgetfulness and not indicative of larger problems with the project.

Is the Schnuck’s store at 9th and Olive EVER going to open? No work appears to have been done there.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is slated to open up in the Hyatt. It will be great to have them back!

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Art Saint Louis said...

The Roberts Bros. have every intention of tearing down the old Fatted Calf building. There are actually cast iron columns that are the bones of the building--you can see them most clearly on the 10th St. side. This building IS slated for demolition.