Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Good Ballpark Village Candidate: Montgomery Bank

Montgomery Bank's plans for a new high-rise office building in downtown Clayton have been put on hold indefinitely. St. Louis County, who was to partner with Montgomery on the project, announced that it would not send out RFPs to developers until market conditions improve.

This project always struck me as a little strange - at 30+ stories and 600,000 sf, it's awfully large for Clayton, and it seemed like way too big of an undertaking for a smaller, regional bank like Montgomery.

When the project was initially announced, Joel Montgomery Jr. was quoted as saying, "What we would build (on the Clayton site) would make a statement and would redefine the Clayton skyline."

How about helping to redefine the ST. LOUIS skyline? A downtown headquarters would make so much more of an impact than would a Clayton location. Again, the fact that there are people out there who want us to have a great suburban business district instead of a world-class downtown is indicative of the short-sighted, small-minded thinking that has plagued this region for decades.

Why not lease space in Ballpark Village? Let Cordish worry about developing the building.

Montgomery Bank, originally based in Sikeston, Missouri, serves two major regions - St. Louis and Southeast Missouri. Southeast Missouri also happens to be Cardinal country, with thousands of Cardinal fans making the pilgrimage to Busch Stadium every year. A Ballpark Village location makes a tremendous amount of sense as it would provide exposure and publicity that would reach both constituencies. A Ballpark Village location would also be a great sign of faith and support by Montgomery Bank, that it believes in this region and its future.

Downtown was once home to great St. Louis banks like Boatmen's Bank, Mercantile Bank and Centerre Bank. These institutions thrived downtown, and there's no reason why Montgomery Bank would not thrive downtown as well.

To the City of St. Louis and Cordish: Make this happen.
To Montgomery Bank: Move downtown - it just makes sense.

Want to contact Montgomery Bank to encourage them to move downtown? Link

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