Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cannon Design's New Office Opens

After a renovation and build-out totalling $8.75 million, Cannon Design has moved to its new home in the former St. Louis Municipal Power House at 11th and Clark. 105 employees will work from the firm's new 31,000 sf headquarters.

The building had sat vacant for over three decades and had largely been considered one of the most difficult rehab projects downtown due to the fact that it was basically just a shell, consisting of four non-load bearing walls. Cannon had to construct its offices within the framework of the exterior walls, a process one of the firm's principals compared to "building a ship in a bottle."

This project just goes to show that with a little thought, effort and foresight, creative solutions to the problems posed by historic buildings can be reached. Maybe the Roberts Brothers could come up with their own creative solution in their plans for their new hotel on Locust instead of tearing down 917 and 923 Locust.

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