Monday, November 03, 2008

Foresight Needed

Looks like the loss of Armstrong Teasdale and/or Husch & Eppenberger to Clayton could have been averted with a little foresight.

From the January 30, 1998 edition of the Business Journal

Sources said Armstrong Teasdale is interested in approximately 175,000 square feet in the Cupples property facing and behind Clark Street, across from the new federal courthouse. The firm is looking at either building new or combining rehabbed space with new construction, according to those close to the project. Husch & Eppenberger is also said to be interested in having offices at Cupples, but a lawyer there said the decision is at least a year away.

Downtown needs more quality office space so that this kind of thing does not happen again. How did we let these two firms slip away like this?

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