Friday, November 14, 2008

Lafser & Associates

In following the proceedings of the city's Preservation Board over the years, I've noticed that Lafser & Associates is responsible for providing the research and legwork needed to get numerous historic buildings nominated to the National Register. They provided the research for the Railway Exchange's nomination, for example, and have an impressive track record.

This is a firm that has been heavily involved in the preservation of our architectural heritage. They specialize not only in historic preservation but environmental assessment and remediation as well.

So, when I was visiting Lafser's web site, I was a little disappointed to see their offices listed at a Creve Coeur address. Creve Coeur? Come on!

Sounds to me like the kind of firm that would be right at home in one of downtown's many historic gems. When's your lease up, Lafser? It's time to move downtown!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like all this work should be going to Landmarks Association.
Landmarks has been saving St. Louis architecture for 60 years and is located in downtown St. Louis. Also, they can provide any preservation service.

Brian said...

Good point. I'd still prefer to just have Lafser set up shop downtown though. :)