Monday, November 24, 2008

Railway Exchange Headed to the National Register

Overshadowed by the Roberts Brothers' attempt to demolish 917-923 Locust for a pointless driveway, there was some good news for downtown at the most recent Preservation Board meeting: The Railway Exchange building at 600 Locust will be nominated to the National Register of Historic Places, the first critical step in earning historic tax credits for redevelopment.
The Railway Exchange truly is one of downtown's most amazing office buildings. I hope that it is not functionally obsolete, as I would prefer to see it retained as office space, particularly with the housing market as soft as it is currently. My recollections of the building's office space is that it featured relatively low ceilings and felt rather cramped. Perhaps that problem could be remediated with the removal of drop ceilings in favor of a more creative solution.

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