Thursday, December 18, 2008

12th Street Animal Hospital

The 12th Street Animal Hospital and Boutique is now open at 412 N. Tucker and has a great web site.

12th Street is the only full-service veterinary hospital serving downtown, Soulard, Benton Park and Lafayette Square. In addition to veterinary care, they also offer doggie day care, grooming, dog walking, pet sitting, pet supplies and even a "boutique hotel" for cats.

Wtih City Pet Supply at 1915 Washington and now 12th Street Animal Hospital and Boutique, downtown pet owners should have everything they need!


Ron Hoff said...

Just wanted to say that we love having the hospital here in the downtown area and that our cat Milo is on the road to being much healthier due to the care of the staff at the 12th St. Animal Hospital.

Thank You So Much,
Ron and Joan Hoff

Allison said...

I'm so pleased with all the services 12th street offers- my dog Rue jumps in every body of water she sees, so she is a regular for Giardia antibiotics at least twice per Summer! We also take her to dog day care, and while the daily fee might be more than other places, it's worth it to me to know that they are A)staffed sufficiently and B)that there's a vet right downstairs in case of emergency. Jamie w/the daycare is phenomenal, and we love all the vet techs and the vet. Couldn't be happier with 12th street downtown!