Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NGAGE Preleases Full Floor in The 411

Somehow, in my last update on Loftworks' latest project - The 411 - I missed this little nugget of information from the Business Journal:

Advertising firm NGAGE has preleased a full floor, or about 9,000 square feet, of the building, according to agency President and CEO Dan Curran. NGAGE currently leases space at 1141 S. Seventh St., and targets Dec. 1 to move to The 411. NGAGE expects about $3 million in '08 revenue and will have grown from its current 16 employees to about 20 by that time, Curran said.

1411 S. Seventh Street is Disper Schmitt's Art of Living Building, BTW.

When researching NGAGE, I came across another local firm - Engage Software - which is currently based in Des Peres. A software firm like Engage could use some cool office space like that in The 411. Maybe they could lease a floor or two and make it the Engage/NGAGE Building!


efficiondave said...

I've forwarded this to a couple of my friends that work at Engage Software.

Chris Hammond said...

Heck no, we're not moving downtown! We like the burbs!

Brian said...

Your loss, Chris.