Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Open Letter to John Steffen

Dear Mr. Steffen:

These are tough times, as you know better than anyone else. But tough times call for tough people.

I’m sure that plenty of people told you that you were crazy over the course of your career; you weren’t. You were just unafraid to dream big, which is something that a lot of people in this city are unable to do. You envisioned St. Louis as “Paris on the Mississippi,” and thanks to your hard work, that vision was becoming a reality.

You’ve left an indelible mark on this city, and the projects that you completed on Washington Avenue and in the Old Post Office District have made downtown a much more vibrant, exciting place to work and live. Hopefully, the projects you began, such as the Mercantile Exchange and Arcade Building, will come to fruition under new developers and I hope you'll return to take on new projects of your own.

I obviously don’t know the specifics of your personal financial situation, but I trust that you’ll bounce back as you always have when faced with adversity.

I sincerely hope we haven’t heard the last of John Steffen. St. Louis needs more people like you.


Adam Flath said...

Everyone has dreams, but most of us don't mortgage them. Plus he might have stolen the dreams of others by buying those properties instead of other people who were interested.

Let the banks lend me a couple hundred million, I could bet I would have done better.

Dreams sometimes end in nightmares. Smart planning and not over extending yourself does not.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, this sounds like the typical St. Louis (BS-like) response of spiteful, jealousy that IS the real reason behind the dimise of Pyramid and attempted ruin of John Steffen! I promise you St. Louis will never climb out of the pit of despair it lives in from the shadow cast by the decision it made decades ago to stick with the Steamboats and turn away the RRs. We all know the outcome of that decision when Chicago embraced them instead. When we used to be listed behind Paris as one of the great cities to visit in the world; and now all we're known for is our top ranking as the #1 most violent city and that we lost the bid as the seat for the Nat'l. Dem. Convention! Great legacy we're leaving there!

I can now see how getting rid of John Steffen and his dreams has done us good... thanks Adam Flath for showing us the error of our ways. The message here kiddos? Never dare to dream big or try to better St. Louis without 1st checking with Adam Flath and get their permission, approval or their extra special 'shXX-on' service they seem so willing and quick to offer! Breath smellin' like 'xactly', (childhood joke, sorry if you never heard/told it)!

I think MO loosing its bellwether in this last presidential election is indicative of it loosing its civic (and moral) compass! The warning is clear guys! We (St. Louisians), finally got the memo! No good deeds go unpunished and for God's sake don't wade into waters of civic progress... you just might be successful (at getting a target placed on your back)!

Here, even at this late juncture, I feel that this comment may garner more 'cross bearing' for John Steffen (especially if the 'powers that be' are not able to discover who this is commenting), so let me say how sorry I am Mr. Steffen if these comments bring attention back your way... even though you were exonerated (by a Judge, nonetheless) from thos bogus charges, Mr. Adam Flath seemed to be alluding to in his above comment. Almost as if he had personal interests vested in making sure they happened! Sorry, I digress, Mr. Steffen please continue on for all us other smucks who dare to dream for a better tomorrow! Show yourself, us and them that they can't win!

Wish I could have commented before now, but I'm just now seeing this.