Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shop Local - Stop the Insanity

Fox 2 aired a story last night about holiday shoppers at West County Mall. Apparently, many shoppers drove around the parking lots and garages for up to an hour in search of a parking spot. Made me glad I knocked out all of my shopping downtown - a completely stress-free experience.

Sure, West County has some great stores, but here in the St. Louis area, we're also blessed with a plethora of great local retailers. Maybe stories like these will convince people to check out locally-owned retailers instead of battling the malls. When you're wasting an hour in the parking lot, is it really all that convenient? Obviously, I'm impartial to downtown retailers, but supporting local stores throughout the region has a much greater benefit to us all.

In today's economy, it's the local stores that need - and appreciate - your business more than ever.

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Doug Duckworth said...

I agree and did the same thing.