Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dapper Dan's Closes

Michael Allen comments on the closing of Dapper Dan's bar

One quick blurb from Bill McClelland's recent column:

A few years ago, the lunch crowd began to dwindle. That had more to do with the declining population of downtown workers than with the food, which remained inexpensive (the daily special was $3.50) and authentic.
Maybe to some extent, but I would wager that the decline in Dapper Dan's business was more likely the result of the closing of the Jefferson Arms apartments - having a couple hundred senior citizens right across the street likely provided the bar with a steady stream of customers.

One could also attribute the bar's decline to its general appearance. The place was a little rough around the edges and really smokey. Not necessarily the type of environment in which most people want to spend their lunch hours these days.

Still the place had loads of character and personality, and I'm sad to see it go. I'd love to see a new owner give the place a makeover and a new life.

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Adam Flath said...

I went there once for lunch, sat down, and had to leave because of the strong old smoke smell. It gave me a great excuse to leave, because like the author mentioned... it was a little more than just "little rough around the edges" :)