Friday, January 23, 2009

Downtown Survey Results

I was perusing the results of a survey conducted by the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis, guaging our 562 local citizens' opinions and usage patterns with regards to downtown. Most of the findings were fairly predictable, but I was encouraged by the following categories in which downtown rated fairly high on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the strongest agreement:

Downtown revitalization is important to regional economic success - 4.3
Downtown is more attractive/inviting now than 2-3 years ago - 3.7
Downtown would be a good place to live (not for me) - 3.4
Downtown is region’s most important business/employment center - 3.3
Downtown would be a good place to work - 3.3
Downtown would be a good place for me to live - 2.0

I'd like to see a little higher score in the "region's most important business/employment center" category, but these results may be an indication that the public's perceptions towards downtown are starting to change for the better.

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JMedwick said...

Two thought:

1. The question should have been "downtown should be the region’s most important business/employment center," because even I would argue that today, Clayton is quickly catching up to downtown in importance (and for many office workers, might well have surpassed it). I would rather know whether people think the current downtown-Clayton balance is good for the region.

2. With the Bizjournal announcement that Husch is consolidating to Clayton, it makes you wonder whether any local firms believe so strongly that downtown's revitalization is important that they are willing to ACTUALLY HELP THAT PROCESS, because frankly, it seems like business leaders talk a good game regarding downtown, but NO ONE FOLLOWS THROUGH!