Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Let Them Bury Me. I'm Not Dead.

While no work appears to have been performed at The Alexa in months, the project is apparently still a go, according to the Post-Dispatch.  According to Rob McRitchie of Civitas Development, the owner and developer of The Alexa:

"I can say for 100 percent certain the project is not dead.  I work on it every day. That baby is going."

However, as has been the case with other downtown developments, the collapse of the real estate market has Civitas shifting its plans to favor rental apartments over for-sale condos with the possibility of eliminating condos altogether.  The project will still include ground-floor retail with office space on the second and third floors.  Civitas is hoping to start up construction on the $22 million development in the spring.

I just wish they would have let Dooley’s stay.

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