Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Office Condos Available in the Hadley-Dean Building

The historic Hadley-Dean building at 1101 Lucas Avenue is now listed for sale. Well, most of it is listed for sale anyway.

$1,125,000 gets you the basement, the ground floor and floors three through seven – everything but the second floor, which has already been sold as an office condo.

However, for office users looking to own their own space without buying the building, floors three through seven are also listed for sale individually, for $199,900 apiece. Each floor plate is approximately 6,000 sf, making the office condos an affordable – and unique – option for smaller users. Might be well suited as flexible live/work space as well.

The building is listed on the National Historic Register and received an extensive renovation in 1982.

Jeffrey Altvater of Hilliker is the listing agent – (314) 781-0001.

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Anonymous said...

It is too bad that the beautiful lobby was destroyed.