Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rumor Has It...

...that the downtown Starbucks in the Millenium Center at 6th and Olive will NOT be closing.

Has anyone heard this as well? Great news, if true.

UPDATE from the Business Journal:
The Starbucks on Olive Street in downtown St. Louis that was slated to close Tuesday will remain open.

Employees said they learned Tuesday that the coffee shop at 521 Olive St. was staying open after all.

Requests for comment from Seattle-based Starbucks were not immediately returned.

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Ken Zarecki - Tower29 Marketing Group said...

Yes. It's True! I am so very glad to find this out. There is no other Starbucks in the downtown area (not counting the Hyatt, but that's not a real Starbucks). I know that Starbuck's has closed quite a few stores, but rather than building new, free-standing stores out west... let's get a few more downtown, occupying some vacant spaces.