Monday, February 09, 2009

Scottrade Expands in Maryville Centre, of All Places

According to Joe Whittington of the Post-Dispatch, Scottrade is acquiring two buildings and two parcels of land in the Maryville Centre area, which will be the new home to the firm’s IT staff.

Again, our business leaders’ fascination with Maryville Centre completely mystifies me.  If they were going to establish a secondary campus, Scottrade could have established its IT hub downtown instead, taking advantage of downtown’s excellent infrastructure for such uses, and saved a good deal of money in the process. 

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

nobody lives downtown. who wants to sit in traffic for 45 minutes and pay 1% tax.

Brian said...

That's some great short-sighted thinking there.

FYI, 11,000 people live in downtown proper, according to The Partnership for Downtown St. Louis. And not everyone lives 45 minutes from downtown. I get downtown in less than 20 minutes. Not a bad commute. Even then, in most cities, a 45-minute commute is nothing. Broaden your thinking a little.