Friday, February 06, 2009

St. Louis Centre on Downtown's Stimulus Package Wish List

I was perusing the list of almost $2.5 billion worth of “shovel-ready” projects for which the city of St. Louis has requested funding under the proposed federal stimulus plan.  Among the downtown projects included in the city’s request are:

Streetscape Improvements:

  • Delmar, from Tucker to Jefferson ($5 million)
  • Locust, from Tucker to Jefferson ($5 million)
  • Laclede’s Landing, including cobblestone street renovations ($6 million)
  • Downtown/Central Business District Streetscape Improvements ($33 million)

Park Improvements:

  • Park Pacific Park Enhancements/Event Space ($9 million)
  • Gateway Mall Park Enhancements ($50 million!)

City Hall Improvements:

  • Exterior Cleaning ($3 million)
  • Exterior Repairs/Roofing Lighting ($4 million)
  • Interior Public Space Renovations ($5 million)
  • Electrical Modernization ($25 million)
  • Convention Center Improvements:
  • LEED Certification Repairs/Replacements/Enhancements ($51,245,000) 


  • Kiel Retail/Parking Structure Development ($30 million)

And here is the most mysterious request:

  • St. Louis Centre Retail/Parking Conversion ($20 million)

I wonder what that means.  I’m intrigued…

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Matt Kastner said...

Of all the things I think the city has some right to ask the federal government for help with, connecting the Arch grounds into Downtown is the first that comes to mind. THe feds played a big part in the creation of Memorial Drive Canyon, so asking them to help fix it isn't a stretch. I wonder why that wasn't a request? Or was it lumped in with something else? Forget funding private projects and small-time infrastructure issues we should be able to handle ourselves. This is the albatross we can't seem to handle so why not ask for help?

I wouldn't mind a $400 million Chouteau Greenway either. But that would be beyond wishful thinking.