Friday, March 20, 2009

Downtown Economic Stimulus

Elaine Viets had a great commentary on KWMU Wednesday about how everyday citizens can help ensure the survival of their favorite - local - businesses during these tough economic times.

Her suggestion:
You must have three places you'd like to keep going. No matter how bad times get, you still have to eat, buy gas for your car, take the bus or use the MetroLink.

So what three things do you think are worth saving? Perhaps your neighbors could get together and create a kind of block grant.

Maybe we can save our world - the parts we care about - one purchase at a time.
Definitely a great idea. It got me thinking about which downtown businesses I'd like to direct my spending to. I try to support downtown businesses as often as possible, but if I had to narrow it down to three, I would choose:

1. Left Bank Books at 10th and Locust - A fantastic store and a great amenity to have downtown.
2. Balada's Bistro at 9th and Pine - Great food - fresh and fast - served by friendly people in this family-owned establishment.
3. City Grocers - The perfect place to pick up a meal or everyday necessities.

Which shops and restaurants would be part of your personal economic stimulus plan?


Anonymous said...

Downtown, my three would be 1) English Tea Room 2)Salt of the Earth 3)City Museum

Chris said...

I'll go ahead and go with 1) Crepes in the City; 2) The Side Bar; and 3)Left Bank Books

Brian said...

I forgot City Pet Supply on Washington!

It's hard to narrow it down to just three businesses.