Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The Cardinals unveiled their plans for Ballpark Village on Wednesday: a parking lot and a softball field.

We've come a long way from 3-D models and computer-generated images, haven't we?

While the Cardinal owners claim this is a "temporary" solution, I think this will end up being as "temporary" as our former train station, The Amshack, which was finally replaced after 30 years as a "temporary" facility.

It's time to start exploring other options for construction of Class A space. Downtown St. Louis can't afford to continue to lose tenants to the suburbs while waiting for Ballpark Village to be built. The development community needs to approach it as if it will never come to fruition and proceed accordingly.

It may also be time to drop the entire Ballpark Village concept altogether. Instead of putting Cordish in complete control of the site, why not split up the land into individual parcels that can be sold off to developers and developed orgainically?

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Matt Kastner said...

Bring on the organic growth. I would love to see the Cardinals sell of the parcels to a few developers. We might have Centene still coming Downtown if they would have done this last year.

I kind of like the outdoor sports are idea Downtown, but not here and not with the huge parking lot. What a joke.