Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Gill Building - LEASED!

I've received word that the top three floors of the Gill Building have been leased by a single user, leaving only the first floor and the mezzanine level still available. This is exciting news!

(Since I'm not sure if this deal is "official" yet, I'll wait until I hear back from the tenant before posting the name of the firm.)

Interestingly, space has leased fairly quickly in smaller, historic buildings such as the Gill and the Ludwig Lofts. Perhaps the next logical candidate for redevelopment would be the LaSalle Building at Olive and Broadway, a stunning building with small floor plates, similar to those of the Gill Building.


Anonymous said...

yes everything in the Gill buildng is leased including the ground floor which includes the second floor. The first second and basement have been leased to Lenny's Deli as a franchise

Brian said...

That's great news - thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

The top 3 floors are occupied by a video production company called Antidote. They specialize in HD work for advertising agencies and corporate communications. Their website is It's great to have a new creative media firm like this in the heart of downtown. I hope they add some interior pics of the their space to their website soon. I'd love to see what they've done. They were recently featured in the St. Louis Business Journal.

Dickson said...

The beautiful Gill Building is just about 100% leased. A multi location retailer will use the first floor/basement for it's downtown retail/storage and the mezzanine for their business office. This little gem will be shining, 100% leased soon.