Monday, March 30, 2009

Kiel Opera House Update

The St. Louis Beacon has an update on the proposed redevelopment of the Kiel Opera House by Dave Checketts' SCP Worldwide and McEagle Properties.

Both the developers and city officials seem optimistic that this project will finally become a reality, after almost 20 years of waiting.

According to the article:
Although many details are still under wraps, a spokesman at SCP confirmed this week that what's being talked about includes the Opera House's 3,500-seat main auditorium, four smaller adjoining assembly rooms, and perhaps the old Kiel Club area in part of a large exhibition space on a lower level.
Let's hope that a deal can be struck soon so that construction can commence. It would be incredibly exciting to see this landmark performance space open once again.


Chris said...

I think the work on this has been out for a bid for a while too. Very excited about the rehab of this.

Anonymous said...

I love the architecture both inside and out. I do not love nor am looking forward to the added traffic nightmare and compounded parking problems.