Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More on the Husch Blackwell Consolidation

In a recent Post-Dispatch article on Husch Blackwell's consolidation in Clayton, a Husch partner said that the firm considered downtown, but not enough Class A space was available to allow it to move as soon as it wanted, despite the efforts of Mayor Francis Slay and Deputy Mayor Barb Geisman.

Husch will occupy 210,000 sf in Clayton. One City Centre is currently advertising 250,000 sf of available space.

If One City Centre was not a viable option for whatever reason, it's unfortunate that Husch could not have been more patient or that the city could not have found a developer to build a new Class A building for the firm downtown.

The combined firm will have 630 employees - 260 of which are attorneys. How incredible would that have been for downtown? Instead, downtown is losing 180 former Blackwell Sanders employees (90 attorneys). Another wasted opportunity...


Edward said...

Better yet would be to attract new firms from other cities/states rather than battle between city and county.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was a wasted opportunity. I think it was yet another company that refuses to recognize the importance of keeping jobs downtown in our region. I'm also betting that while there was Class A office space available downtown, it either didn't have attached parking or wasn't built recently enough.

Sadly I don't see this trend reversing until new large blocks of Class A office space are built with adequate parking. Personally I think it's stupid to require attached parking, but it seems in our auto-driven town it's a requirement.