Monday, March 09, 2009

New Renderings of Chouteau's Landing Arts Center Released

Chivvis Development has released new renderings of the Chouteau’s Landing Arts Center, currently known as the Powell Square Building.

According to Chivvis, the Chouteau’s Landing Arts Center will include a rooftop event facility, rental studios available to artists and non-profit organizations, exhibition galleries, commercial space, and workshop space for glass blowing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, wood, jewelry, photography and fiber.

According to the development’s web site, the list of targeted tenants includes:
Eatery or coffee shop, art supply store, framing shop, art galleries, art book store, art brokers/ appraisers /buyers, fashion designer workshop/boutique, art auction house, art restoration, art publication or other art-related business concepts.
This project could have a tremendous impact on downtown. First of all, the renovation of the hulking, 122,000 sf Powell Square Building – quite possibly downtown’s most prominent eyesore – will have a positive psychological effect on the thousands of motorists who pass the building every day. Whether those of us who support downtown admit it or not, that one building has come to symbolize the overall state of downtown to many people, and it desperately needs to be addressed.

Perhaps more importantly, however, the developers of this project are looking to use the Chouteau’s Landing Arts Center as a means of elevating St. Louis’ stature as an artistic hub. The presence of so many artists and other creative types under a single roof will undoubtedly strengthen the sense of community among local artists and spawn new creative ideas as artists collaborate with one another. And as the center of the downtown arts scene, perhaps this the Chouteau’s Landing Arts Center will eventually spawn additional galleries, studios and performance spaces around it.

For inquiries on space at the Chouteau’s Landing Arts Center, contact Andy Murphy of Chivvis Development at (314) 994-4093.


Doug Duckworth said...

I think they should keep the graffiti as public art.

Brian said...

That's really not a bad idea. There are so many cool/creative possibilities for a building like this - it would be a great opportunity to take a chance on something that others may perceive to be a little risky or daring, but the end result could be great with something like that.