Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Creative People; Boring Buildings

Clayton, while nice, possesses an antiseptic quality that doesn't exactly scream "CREATIVE!" It's more like a suburban office park with a street grid. Creative companies belong in creative environments, the kind you can only find in places with character - places like downtown St. Louis. You just can't replicate downtown's level of stimulation in the burbs.

The Hughes Group and Adamson know better though; they both gave up their Clayton offices for a better working environment downtown.

A quick look at the Business Journal's listing of St. Louis' largest advertising agencies shows that six are located in or near downtown Clayton:

DDC Advertising & PR - 222 S. Central - $19.50 psf

Coheision - 10 S. Brentwood - $23.00 psf

Geile Leon Marketing Communications - 130 S. Bemiston - $15.00 psf

Weintraub Advertising - 7745 Carondelet – ?? psf

Black Twig - 771 Bonhomme - $23.75 psf

These buildings and their surroundings are boring. And expensive.

Here are some other creative firms with unexciting locations:

Momentum - Richmond Heights

MediaCross - Brentwood

Imap Advertisting - Chesterfield

Drone & Mueller - Creve Coeur

Turec Advertising Associates - Creve Coeur

Zeis Group - Des Peres

Ervin Marketing - Olivette

It's firms like these that belong downtown, where their employees will


Anonymous said...

I totally agree the City and Downtown is much more enjoyable to look at. Recently I have been looking at places to live in the Central West End area. I then ran across the St.Louis city crime map where it shows everything that has happened in a time frame I choose. Now I am having second thoughts about relocating from West County to the city. Right now I can live with a peace of mind, but that would change. Maybe this is one of the main reason company's don't want to be downtown. The Crime without a doubt would be a lot higher than West County or even Clayton I would imagine. Then again it is boring out there.

Brian said...

Downtown proper is still quite safe, so hopefully the false perception of high crime isn't keeping companies out of downtown.

With regards to your living situation, I've lived in both west county and the CWE and have found the CWE to be a much more enjoyable place to live. I had my car broken into twice in west county, but never while living in the CWE. I'd recommend the CWE to anyone - great place to live.

Matt Fernandez said...

The problem with comparing crime stats is that it is not an even comparison. Most west county neighborhoods do not have the amount of visitor that the CWE or downtown has, so the statistics are skewed if you only look at it from the standpoint of residents. I'm not making excuses for crime, but both neighborhoods, and the city in general, are safe areas. We would love to have you in the city.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the input on the Central West End. I do really love that area and have been wanting to move there for awhile. A lot more interesting than Maryland Heights let me tell you. The crime map just kind of startled me with the auto thefts. How long were you in the CWE and what part of it? Cause I'm sure some streets are a little better.

Seth Teel said...

Part of the probem with claytong is there strict planning an zoning regulations. Its like they want and urban environment, but not too urban. I liken it to the "Newtown" of downtowns.

As for the crime maps, if it the one from the Safe City initiative, the map shows calls for service not actual incidents. Many calls dont end up drawing report numbers because often they are unfounded. Unfortunately, this type of map misrepresents actual crime statistics in our city.

Anonymous said...

I would echo comments that you should use caution looking at the crime maps to determine "safety". I lived in Chicago for 5 years and in the city here for over 3 years and despite all of the "crime", have never had any issues myself. 90% of crime that happens occurs either b/c people are associating with bad people (drugs, gangs) or just aren't using their head (walking around at 4 AM alone).

So I would say as long as you use common sense, the city can be just as safe as the suburbs. You'll appreciate all the amenities the city affords that the suburbs simply can't offer.