Friday, May 15, 2009

Lighting the Night

Illuminating buildings and other structures can do wonders for a downtown's nighttime appearance.

In recent years, the Gateway Foundation has lit up the Civil Courts Building, the Old Courthouse, the Arch and Christ Church Cathedral, all of which have helped make downtown feel a little livelier and a little safer at night.

Along Washington Avenue, almost all of the buildings that have been converted to lofts in recent years have some sort of exterior lighting, and the effect is very cool. The top of Met Square, Pointe 400, and a few others are lit up at night as well.

But with all that, downtown still seems a little dark.

One building that could use some lighting is the Hyatt - the former Adam's Mark - which is extremely dark at night. The eastern facade is mostly brick, which could be tastefully lit up without shining lights in the guest room windows.

Which buildings do you think would look great lit up?


Craig said...

I'd start with the MLK Bridge, The Eads Bridge, the old American Theatre, And The Railway Exchange Building.

Adam Flath said...

I was actually thinking of creating (or giving the idea to someone to create...) a nonprofit downtown organisation specifically to "Light up St. Louis." or something like that.

1. Get downtown corporation to donote to the cause.
2. Submit plans to the city to light up certains areas (like all the bridges)
3. Make sure all new lighting are LEDs.
4. Have the city turn off all lights after 2am to save electricity. (Same thing that NYC does and turns off the Empire State Buidling lights in the early AM)

... so who wants to start it up?