Monday, May 11, 2009

Mayor Slay's Priorities

Mayor Slay posted an exerpt from his recent Business Journal interview on his blog:

Asked by the St. Louis Business Journal last week:

Q: Now that you’ve been re-elected for your third term as mayor, what developments Downtown would you like to see move forward or be completed over the next four years?

A: In two words: Ballpark Village. In more words, the renovation and reopening of the Kiel Opera House, the renovation/reconfiguration of the Central Library on Olive, complete implementation of the new plan for the Gateway Mall, and improvements in the Convention Center.

I would also like to see mainstream retail take off, a movie theater, and a real dog park.

And we need more people living downtown. Five thousand more people over the next five years would be great, and if many of these people were kids, it would be even better.

I would like to see the National Park Service move forward with plans for connecting the Arch to the rest of downtown, and activating the Gateway Arch grounds in accordance with the recommendations of the Danforth Foundation task force and others.
A good list - I'd certainly like to see all of these things happen during the course of the mayor's next term.

I like the fact that he touches on "mainstream retail," which I would construe to mean that there will be an emphasis on adding national retailers to the mix in the days ahead. A movie theater would be a fantastic addition to downtown as well - perhaps we'll eventually get one in the Jefferson Arms, as originally proposed by John Steffen. I would have liked to see the redevelopment of St. Louis Centre on that list as well. Mayor Slay doesn't specifically mention the construction of new Class A office space, but that's part of the Ballpark Village plans.

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Anonymous said...

There are two things Downtown must do to meet Mayor Slay's goals:

1. Get rid of Rev Rice's homeless shelter and remove the homeless from the parks and stop them form aggressively panhandling on the streets.

2. More police, more police, more police. No one wants to spend time downtown knowing their car will be broken into or stolen. No one wants to live downtown as long as crime is high and people don't feel safe walking their dogs at night.

So, get rid of the homeless and clean up crime and more people will come.