Friday, May 01, 2009

New Life for the Municipal Courts Building

Heisman Properties has set its sights on the vacant Municipal Courts Building at 13th and Market. This $40 million redevelopment project - to be named 1300 Market - will include a restaurant, retail and gallery space, and office space on the upper floors. Completion is expected in 2010.

The city is considering constructing a 600-car parking garage behind the building (visible in the rendering above). Hopefully the garage will have first floor retail space as other city garages do. Would a garage at 14th and Clark allow for future construction on the parking lot immediately south of City Hall?

The office space will be suitable for a variety of users, but Heisman believes it will be especially attractive to law firms, who would not only be in close proximity to downtown courthouses, but would also be able to use the building's restored courtrooms to stage mock trials.

Plans call for retail tenants and one or more restaurants to be added along 14th Street catering to daytime users and community events at the neighboring Scottrade Center and the renovated Kiel Opera House, which is sounding like it will become a reality. The building's grand hallway with vaulted ceilings and elegant entrance will feature exhibits showcasing St. Louis artists.

“Being in such a desirable location we anticipate not only servicing our core tenants, but will offer the ability to provide locations for cultural events and meeting places with those who want to share in this extraordinary redevelopment,” noted Heisman Properties Principal Curt Schroeder.

All in all, this sounds like a great project that will do much to enliven the "Civic Center" portion of downtown.


Alex Ihnen said...

I really wish that they were allowed (encouraged) to alter the 14th Street facade - put in a glass atrium - add significant retail frontage and not just a patio.

Anonymous said...

I think this would do much to boost the area, but really ANOTHER parking garage? This place is conveniently located to the Metrolink AND the downtown Metrobus station.

I wish someone else would propose condos/apartments on that surface lot and build a shared parking garage for residents and office users. Just seems like another area of dead space just for parking.