Wednesday, May 06, 2009

There Are Better Ways to Spend $50 Million

It appears that the Danforth Foundation has withdrawn its offer to contribute up to $50 million toward a new museum on the Arch grounds.

In my opinion, this is a good thing - we don't need a museum on the Arch grounds.

Maybe the Danforth Foundation could use that $50 million to focus its efforts on projects that would have a much more transformative effect on the revitalization of downtown than a museum.

I'm sure an investment by the Danforth Foundation would help Dave Checketts and Paul McKee with the renovation of the Kiel Opera House. Perhaps the Danforth Foundation could use its money to tackle St. Louis Centre. Maybe it could help bring the Museum of Transport to Union Station or fund the expansion of the Central Library. $50 million could cover the cost of numerous smaller renovation projects, like the Mercantile Library Complex, Chouteau's Landing, the Union Square Building on Locust, and a host of other buildings that need to be brought back to life.


Alex Ihnen said...

Which one of the ideas you mentioned do you think would be the most "transformative"?

Brian said...

I think the redevelopment of either St. Louis Centre or the Kiel Opera House would be much more impactful than a museum at this point. Both buildings in their current states represent the failure of downtown in the minds of many St. Louisans, and if brought back to life would provide a boost to St. Louis' psyche as well as to their surroundings.

Anonymous said...

I vote for St Louis Centre. The Kiel Opera House probably will get funding somewhere else

Brian said...

Yeah, I think that SCP will be able to get the Kiel done on their own as well. If not, it would be a great project for the Danforth Foundation to be involved in.