Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Could City Garden Help Spur Additional Development?

City Garden is slated to open this week and the early reviews have been very good. As more and more St. Louisans visit downtown's amazing new sculpture garden, it's feasible that it could become one of our most treasured assets.

It will be interesting to see if City Garden is able to spur any additional development in the surrounding area.

While City Garden includes its own restaurant - operated by Jim Fiala of Liluma in the Central West End - suddenly, the vacant first floor space in Bank of America Plaza directly across the street becomes a prime spot for an upscale eatery overlooking the park.

On the office front, perhaps City Garden will help generate some interest in the long-vacant General American Building, or even eventually lead to the construction of a new Class A tower on the vacant parcel adjacent to Bank of America Plaza, which was part of the original development plan for that building but never came to fruition.

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