Friday, June 19, 2009

Datotel - A Downtown IT Firm

Last Friday's Post-Dispatch had a great profile on David Brown, Founder and President of Datotel, an IT outsourcing firm based in the Globe Building at 710 N. Tucker. Mr. Brown sounds bullish on St. Louis' prospects as an IT hub:

How does St. Louis rate as a place to grow a tech business?

In the last dot-com era, we called St. Louis a tier-two city. It was really destined to be a tier-one city from an IT infrastructure standpoint. We have a really overbuilt infrastructure from a fiber optics standpoint.

So, from Datotel's standpoint, we really have a strong infrastructure today to apply these types of services. And the cost of Internet bandwidth and transport is plummeting through the floor, which makes access to these services a lot easier than it was previously. So the assets are already there.
Downtown's IT infrastructure is the best in the region, which is why it surprises me that any tech firm would choose Maryland Heights, Creve Coeur or even St. Charles over downtown.

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