Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Losing ANOTHER Law Firm

According to the Business Journal, Kohn, Shands - currently located in the U.S. Bank Plaza - is shopping for new space in Clayton to accomodate recent and future growth.

While losing a 16-attorney firm certainly isn't as devastating as the loss of Armstrong Teasdale to Clayton, it still stings.

One of the new attorneys joining the firm specializes in tax and estate planning for high net worth individuals, which I'm guessing may have something to do with the move.

What I don't get is why firms feel they can't serve affluent clients from a downtown location. Perhaps Kohn, Shands could be persuaded to stay downtown and keep their small (400 sf) Clayton office?

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getrealstl said...

If you talk to attorneys, the problem with attracting affluent clients to downtown offices is the perceptions about downtown - dirty, stinky, lacking parking, few great lunch meeting places (think private rooms of Cardwells, Luciano's, Napoli in Clayton), being panhandled by many homeless en route to the attorney's offices. Granted those perceptions are outdated to a large degree, but the City has a lot of beautifying to do before it compares to the cleanliness and services Clayton offers. That said, I think the ideal solution is for a firm to have an office in both Downtown and Clayton.