Monday, June 15, 2009

Your Site Selection Le Cordon Blows

A year ago, I wrote that Le Cordon Bleu should consider opening a culinary academy in downtown St. Louis.

Well, they apparently have set up shop in the St. Louis St. Peters, of all places.

St. Peters?

Considering that the most creative minds in the St. Louis restaurant scene are almost exclusively working in the city and inner-ring suburbs, and that downtown St. Louis is the most accessible site in the St. Louis area in terms of both public transportation and highways, why would Le Cordon Bleu choose a location 30 miles away from the city, in an area dominated by chain restaurants?

I don't get L'Ecole Culinaire's choice of Ladue for its school either, but that's another story. St. Peters is absolutely mind-boggling.


samizdat said...

I would guess that marketing and "demographics" had a lot to do with it. More, um, bodies with disposable income in St. Petey's. Logic seemingly has nothing to do with some of these dedisions. Who knows, maybe they got a good deal on a cheap office lease. Alot of that new space must be going begging in today's recessionary market.

Anonymous said...

In Minneapolis, their campus is suburban too.

Anonymous said...

st charles in whole is a city made up of people that couldnt afford to live in st louis or are scared of diversity. Its the truth look it up.