Friday, July 10, 2009

Black Label Looking Forward to Big All-Star Week

Kevin Johnson of the Post-Dispatch had a good write-up on the Black Label night club at 758 South Fourth Street in Chouteau's Landing. Black Label has a full slate of events planned for this weekend and into next week and should be well positioned to do big business.

According to Johnson's blog post, Black Label’s restaurant, House of Kabobs, opened this week with eight kabobs including chicken, vegetable, fruit and seafood. Sandwiches and salads also are available.

Here's one particularly cool aspect of Chouteau's Landing's newest hotspot:
The room is decorated with local art, and colorful sneakers by local shoe designer Greedy Genius hang from the ceiling. It’s all for sale.

“Shoes, sneakers and heels are big here, and you can look up and see exclusive shoes,” Morris says of the dangling sneaks. “That’s something you don’t see on a normal basis.”

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Mark Groth said...

Thanks for the tip, I missed this write up. Gotta check it out.