Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Restaurants Planned for The 411, Lofts @ 315

What's the 411 on The 411?

Craig Heller of LoftWorks has received $5 million in New Markets Tax Credits to add a restaurant to the first floor of The 411 - the former Farm & Home Savings Association Building at 10th and Locust. He is currently in negotiations with Chip Schloss, co-owner of Atomic Cowboy in The Grove, to operate the eatery.

The tax credits will also go toward opening a wine bar and restaurant to another LoftsWorks building, The Lofts @315, which is just across the street from The 411. The establishment will be run by Dave Bailey, who also owns downtown favorite Rooster, as well as Bailey's Chocolate Bar in Lafayette Square.


Matt M. said...

I had heard that the wine bar will be next door to Left Bank to encourage people to sip and peruse...

Is that true?

Brian said...

Yep, I believe that's the plan - that LBB and the wine bar will be linked in some fashion. Should be cool, and perfect for the various events that LBB holds.