Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Music Venue at 1114 Olive

The RFT is reporting that the former 2 Cents Plain location at 1114 Olive, will soon be reborn as a bar/music venue known as the Crack Fox. This is the second development announced for the 1100 block of Olive recently, along with Bob Guller's redevelopment of the Post-Dispatch printing building at 1111 Olive.

The bar will be owned by Mike McLaughlin, who also owns the popular restaurant/pub the Bleeding Deacon in Tower Grove South.

McLaughlin is shooting for a September 1 opening and plans to remodel the restrooms and install a new PA, lights and sound system.


Matt M. said...

As a Bevo expat, I am claiming Bleeding Deacon for us. I mean...who on Chippewa identifies with Tower Grove South?

Brian said...

By the power vested in me by the blogosphere, I hearby concede Chippewa to Bevo. :)