Monday, August 24, 2009

STL Makes a Splash at the Super Bowl of Conventions

Mayor Slay has a very upbeat blog post on the St. Louis delegation's recent trip to the ASAE Annual Meeting and Expositionin Toronto.

Known as the "Super Bowl of Conventions," this exciting event will be held in St. Louis in 2011. According to Mayor Slay:

The convention itself is a major economic event in its host city – and the occasion allows the host to show itself off to the people who will decide where their own groups will hold meetings and stage conventions in over the next decade.
This will be an unbelievable opportunity for St. Louis.

At the rate things are moving, I can only imagine how great St. Louis will look by the time the convention comes to town. Let's hope the economy improves and projects like Ballpark Village, The Laurel, The Alexa, St. Louis Centre and the Arcade Building can get going by then.

A mix of recently completed projects and under construction projects will really show convention planners that St. Louis is a city on the move.

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