Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Type of Attitude We Need in STL

In Sunday's Post-Dispatch, Deb Peterson profiled John Simanowitz, founder and CEO of Integrity, an interactive branding and marketing firm based just inside the St. Louis city limits.

My favorite part of the interview:

What are your goals for Integrity? — Personally, I would like to help change national perceptions about St. Louis. I would like the Midwest to play a leadership role in shaping the interactive landscape. I want people from San Francisco to move here for jobs. I would also like to continue to grow my company.
What a great quote.

Building a strong, thriving downtown will go a long way toward making St. Louis the type of city that will attract creative professionals from places like San Francisco.

Integrity sounds like it would fit in well downtown with Antidote, NGAGE, Adamson, Hughes and the many other creative firms that have set up shop downtown recently. Maybe someday, Mr. Simanowitz will move Integrity downtown from Clayton Road and help with the revitalization.

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