Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Businesses I'd Like to Have Downtown - Alpine Shop

I've never felt the need to patronize chain stores like REI for outdoor gear when we have a great store like the Alpine Shop based right here in St. Louis.

But right now, their only locations in town are in Kirkwood and Chesterfield, not exactly convenient for those who live in the city.

How about a downtown location? I have to think that downtown's demographics match up favorably with the Alpine Shop's target market.


moorlander said...

as usual, I agree with you Brian.

Matt M. said...

Very good idea.

As far as chain stores downtown, I'd like to see only a select few, just to drive up pedestrian and other traffic down there. One sure bet would be Urban Outfitters.

Brian said...


I'd definitely like to see some chain stores added to downtown as well. My thinking is that it's going to take more local businesses opening up downtown before the chains "discover" it.

MtnLvrLakeLvr said...

Thank you, Brian and friends, for the vote of confidence!

During these tough economic times we've put our new-store plans on hold, except for our on-line store, coming this Fall.

Meanwhile, we would love to see you sign up as a Fan on our Facebook Page!

Lisa Hollenbeck
Alpine Shop Co-Owner

Brian said...


Thanks for your response, Lisa. Be sure to keep downtown in mind once the economy picks up!

Anonymous said...

Please come downtown as soon as possible.

With all of the tens of thousands Illinois people included with the 90-100K people that come downtown to work each day this will be the ideal location. I am tired of shopping at REI but it is much closer than Kirkwood. I would love to become a repeat customer of the Alpine Shop again. I'll start on-line but I can't wait until you move downtown!

Scott H said...

Alpine Shop downtown would be great! Maybe they would install a climbing wall too?!!!! Be awesome for locals and a great tourist attraction as well.

Grant said...

Thanks again for the feedback guys!

If you were to shop at a "downtown" Aline Shop, where would you like it to be located?

Grant Sedlacek
Kirkwood Assistant Manager

Grant said...

Scott... do you think an Alpine Shop climbing wall should compete with Upper Limits at Union Station or be a fun attraction inside a store that loves climbing, much like what REI in Brentwood has now?

Grant Sedlacek
Kirkwood Assistant Manager

Brian said...

Hi Grant!

I can think of a few different places.

The Syndicate Trust Building (adjacent to the Schnucks Culinaria) has a huge first floor retail space.

There's also a vacant space in the western Kiener Plaza garage, fronting Pine Street, next to Lion's Choice and a Chinese restaurant. Not sure how big it is though.

The first floor retail spaces at St. Louis Centre would work well (they're accessible from the street, so shoppers wouldn't have to go inside the mall) - the space at the corner of 7th and Locust used to be an Office Depot, so it's pretty big.

The first floor of the Mercantile Library (Broadway and Locust) would probably be big enough, as would the former Woolworth's space in the St. Louis Centre garage (it's currently just being used for parking, but would be easy to convert it back to retail).

Brian said...

One more suggestion: The Bogen at Tucker and Washington.

Mike said...

Or Eli Walker at 1520 Washington.